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  Nationwide Industrial Concrete Flooring Contractors & Concrete Finishing Specialists

Concrete Flooring FAQs

Concrete Flooring Specialists in the UK

Nationwide Concreting are the experts in high-tolerance concrete flooring.

From our base in Hampshire, we offer our services across the whole of the UK and we have completed projects in areas such as Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and many more. With our proven track record in successful on-time projects and over 40 years of experience in concrete flooring, we are confident you will be fully satisfied with our service.

Our extensive client portfolio showcases some of the projects we have completed work on, including concrete flooring for Sainsbury's, Asda, AFC Bournemouth, Premier Inn and Tesco to name a few.

We have created a summary of frequently asked questions that have arisen from our previous projects and these are listed below.

Nationwide Concreting - finishing

concrete floor is a strong, durable and long-lasting flooring option which is easy to maintain. This makes concrete flooring a cost-effective option for your industrial building project. Repairs and replacements are almost never required if the floor is installed and maintained correctly. A concrete floor also acts as the perfect substrate for any commercial floor finish you could need.

Concrete is an extremely durable flooring option, with a high compressive strength that allows it to endure the pressure of heavy machinery, fork trucks and vans. It is not uncommon for concrete floors to last up to 100 years without significant repairs. This makes it the most popular flooring solution for industrial, commercial, retail, education and public buildings. Adding steel reinforcement to your concrete floor will give it the tensile strength that it originally lacks.

Concrete floors are very easy to clean and maintain. To keep your concrete floor looking its best you can apply a wax once every 3-9 months to keep the dust at bay or use proprietary floor paint. You only need to mop or brush your floor to remove any dust or debris. For particularly dirty environments, a high tolerance concrete floor can be mechanically scraped and pressure washed to return it to its original condition.

We are able to install concrete floors of practically any size over 100m2, though the larger the concrete floor, the more precautions must be taken to ensure its high tolerance; for example, a large concrete floor requires expansion joints to be inserted when it is laid. Nationwide Concreting Ltd are specialists when it comes to the installation of high tolerance concrete floors, and currently undertake contracts up to 100,000m2.

A time estimate will depend on the size of the project, however, we endeavour to complete our floors as quickly as possible without compromising the high quality that we provide; this is to ensure that the concrete flooring installation process causes minimum disruption to your business or site. Our team will be able to give you a better time estimate once they know the details of your project. Call us today on 01590 676 585 to discuss.

We install concrete flooring for all sectors. Some of the sectors we have provided solutions for include:-

  • Agricultural – Grain stores, poultry sheds, stables and barns as well as service roads and large external yards
  • Defence – Barracks and exercise yards for the MoD – All contractors achieved security clearance
  • Commercial – High level, multi-level and mezzanine floors
  • Industrial and Retail – Warehouses, chiller units, retail units, and for leading UK superstores

Our office working hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. However, when working on your project our team are happy to work outside of these hours, including throughout the night, to ensure your concrete floor is installed in a way that is most convenient for you.

Trafficking on ‘Ground Bearing’ slab:

  • First 2 days completely free from traffic.
  • After 3 days foot traffic can be allowed onto the slab with care.
  • After 5 day’s heavy foot traffic or slow moving vehicles.
  • After 10 days heavy traffic usage.

Concrete takes approximately 28 days to achieve its design strength. Note – site conditions such as temperature can have an effect on this value, plus it is strongly advised that concrete cube results are obtained to verify concrete strength.

Dirt and dust can cause wear to your concrete floor. It is therefore important to establish a cleaning regime that stops dirt and dust from building up. Power-Floated concrete floors are normally easy to clean with a wet scrubber and vacuum-type machine using neutral (non-acid) detergents. Dry vacuum and sweeping will also remove dust and dirt.

Areas of impact damage from dropped goods or scouring from machinery should be treated with a suitable epoxy mortar or resin to prevent further degradation. It is important to maintain pallets in good condition and to avoid unnecessary pushing of pallets and other equipment across the floor's surface. Early repair will reduce the risk of accelerated degradation. Our team can carry out concrete floor repairs if necessary.

Decorative concrete is actually relatively inexpensive when compared to standard flooring options such as ceramic tiling or marble. It is also worth noting that the expected life span of a concrete floor will far exceed that of any other flooring material, saving you money in repairs in the long term.

Concrete flooring can be a cold material but no more so than ceramic tiling or natural stone floors. It is actually possible to harness the natural ability of concrete to store and radiate heat. You can achieve this by embedding radiant heating cables into the concrete when it is being installed. It is also unlikely for your concrete floor to become damp - this would generally only occur if the slab was installed incorrectly or due to poor quality drainage.

As with other hard flooring, it is possible that your concrete floor can become slippery when wet. Applying a high gloss sealer can provide increased traction and help to prevent slipping when mixed with a non-slip additive. A brushed or tamped concrete finish will also provide a non-slip surface. Our experts can give you guidance on the most suitable solution for your specific project.

This is a common objection to the installation of a concrete floor, as there are fears that heavy vehicles could lead to cracking. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that your floor will remain free from cracks for its entire lifetime, though the vast majority of cracks will be superficial and won't affect the integrity of your floor. Our experts will be able to provide you with guidance on this matter.

If you are unsure about how much concrete your project will require, please contact us directly on 01590 676 585 and speak to one of our friendly expert consultants.

Different mixtures can weigh different amounts, but in general terms one cubic metre of concrete weighs approximately 2.4 tonnes.

Contact our concrete contractors

We are the leading concrete flooring contractors in the UK, offering outstanding concrete finishing results with every project. For more information about our services, contact our team today on 01590 676 585.

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