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Tamped Concrete Finish

How do you create a tamped concrete finish?

A tamped concrete finish is achieved by using a tamping beam, which is used to compact the concrete before it fully cures to enhance its strength. The tamped finish is created by moving the tamping beam up and down in quick succession along the surface of the concrete floor in the same direction. This results in a rough surface of horizontal grooves which greatly improve grip.

Professional concrete finishers such as ourselves will aim to make the grooves as even as possible. Spacing of between 20-30mm between groves with a height of 5mm is standard when it comes to tamped concrete floors.

Are you thinking of a tamped finish for you concrete floor? You won't find better concrete finishers than those within our team. Get in touch today on 01590 676 585 and one of our concrete experts will be glad to help.

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tamped finish
tamped concrete finish

What are the benefits of a tamped concrete finish?

Due to the grooved surface created, tamped concrete surfaces are incredibly anti-slip, which makes it safer for concrete surfaces on an incline or that are likely to get wet. Tamped concrete also has improved drainage qualities and can help avoid water pooling, granted that the grooves are positioned to promote run-off.

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Where are the best places to use a tamped finish?

A tamped concrete finish is best suited for outdoor areas that require extra grip and are likely to be exposed to high volumes of water, either from rain or otherwise. This means that they are popular choices for farm yards, where animals will have better grip and dirt and manure can be washed away easily and outdoor areas exposed to heavy traffic, like loading bays and car parks.

Are you looking for expert concrete finishers? We have over 40 years experience installing high quality concrete flooring for a wide range of sectors. Get in touch today to discuss your concrete finishing requirements on 01590 676 585.

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tamped concrete

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