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Metal Decking & Concreting - Accommodation Bath


RGB Group


Roseberry Place, Bath


4,467m2 Comflor 60 1.2mm gauge decking and concrete, 899m of 275mm girth edge trim and 13,424 19x120mm welded studs


Install metal decking and concrete floor slabs for blocks B&C (A&D to follow) 

Production Process:

Nationwide Concreting Ltd recently undertook this metal decking and concreting project for new accommodation at Roseberry Place in Bath, on the behalf of the RGB Group. We handled all aspects of the project, including installation of 4,467m2 of Comflor 60 1.2mm gauge decking, 899m of 275mm girth edge trim and 13,424 19x120mm welded studs, to ensure that the new accommodation was completely sound.

metal decking Bath


metal decking accommodation Bath

Following the conclusion of the metal decking stage, our concrete reinforcement team laid the A252 mesh and spacers to ensure maximum durability in the concrete floor slabs to follow. Completing the concrete flooring process required 8 separate pours with an extra 2 pours to cover additional areas.


Finally, our experienced team of concrete finishers took over to complete the job, using bull floats to smooth and level the surface of the freshly laid concrete and produce an easy float finish.

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Concrete flooring Bath

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