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  Nationwide Industrial Concrete Flooring Contractors & Concrete Finishing Specialists

Commercial Concrete Flooring Specialists

Our Concrete Specialists Can Help

With years of expertise and a highly skilled team, Nationwide Concreting Ltd are at the forefront of design and installation of commercial concrete floors.

We have already provided our services to a range of clients across the UK with projects that range from small individual retailers to shopping centres and factory floors. We are proud to say we are the experts in all types of commercial concrete flooring.

Nationwide Concreting Ltd have been providing commercial concrete flooring for over 40 years and our highly skilled team have the knowledge and expertise to complete any job on any scale.

Nationwide Concreting - need a quote

Nationwide Concreting - Coomercial Concrete Flooring Specialists
Nationwide Concreting - Coomercial Concrete Flooring Specialists

We Offer Various Styles of Concrete

The floor of a commercial property has a big impact on the first impression of a customer or client, and concrete flooring is so versatile that it can be finished in a range of styles to suit individual premises.

In shopping centres for example, it is not uncommon to see a polished concrete floor as they can handle significant pedestrian traffic whilst remaining resistant to high levels of wear.

Polished concrete also makes a suitable backoffice floor as it can withstand heavy loads and is resistant to stains and spillages. With many of our previous clients, we have replaced their existing plastic resin coated floor which cannot match the longevity and resilient nature of concrete.

Nationwide Concreting - need a quote

We Tailor Concrete Designs To You

With an economical and durable mix, our specially designed concrete is the perfect material for use in shops and other commercial locations as it can tolerate the high traffic and varied weather conditions that will come its way.

Depending on the specific project you are trying to complete, our contractors can tweak the concrete mix to suit your premises, ensuring it remains durable and versatile for many years to come.

Nationwide Concreting Ltd is one of the leading providers of durable concrete flooring in the South, and we work with a variety of different sectors that includes the manufacturing, retail and catering sector. If you would like more information about our concreting services, contact our team on 01590 676 585

Nationwide Concreting - Coomercial Concrete Flooring Specialists

With our extensive experience in this sector, we can get the job done quickly and efficiently as our contractors can offer you the complete package from start to finish. We understand that there are often challenging aspects to a commercial project but we are confident Nationwide Concreting Ltd have the expertise to achieve your desired build.

Even if you are anticipating regular use, it is unlikely you will require any steel reinforcement. Generally, the only occasion we would recommend any type of reinforcement would be if there is a significant issue with your sub-base being weak or unstable. We would complete an assessment of your project area prior to the build to decide whether this is advisable.

With a high level of footfall and a positive impression to make on customers, there are a few choices available but it would be sensible to consider either a tempered or polished finish to your concrete floor. These are robust finishes that can resist abrasion and help prevent slipping in adverse weather conditions.

There are a number of options so our recommendation here would ultimately depend on scale. We would potentially suggest a polished or tampered finish for maximum durability and high performance in all conditions.

Once your project has been completed, our helpful team will provide you with some simple tips that you can use to help maintain the structural integrity and overall finish of your new concrete floor, such as best cleaning practices and types of cleaning product that should be used or avoided.

Don’t hesitate - contact us today to find out more information about our commercial concrete flooring services.

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We are the leading concrete flooring contractors in the UK, offering outstanding concrete finishing results with every project. For more information about our services, contact our team today on 01590 676 585.

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