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Back How to care for your concrete flooring

Whilst concrete is one of the most low maintenance industrial flooring options available, it still need some care and attention to keep it looking great and functioning as it should for decades to come. At Nationwide Concreting Ltd, our team of concrete experts share their tips for maintaining your concrete flooring.

Clean spillages immediately

Concrete is incredibly tough but, as with any material, it is important to deal with spillages as soon as possible to help prevent stains and maintain the safety of the area. If you find a liquid or substance has stained your concrete flooring, there are a number of solutions you can use to remove it. Always check the advice of a concrete expert before using any cleaning chemicals and test a spot in a discrete area beforehand.

Clean your concrete floor regularly

Cleaning your concrete floor will not only help ensure it retains its attractive finish but also that it remains hygienic too. To clean a concrete floor, sweep away any surface dust and debris, then mop the floor using warm water mixed with a cleaning solution that’s approved for use on concrete. Mop again with clean water to remove the soap and allow to air dry. For larger areas, use a power washer to blast away dirt.

Sweep regularly to remove debris

To help prevent debris from damaging your concrete floor, ensure to sweep the surface at regular intervals or use a vacuum cleaner to do the hard work for you. Make sure to get into all those hard to reach places in corners, along the edges of the room and under furniture and equipment. Frequent sweeping will also help keep the floor looking great and will make a better impression on customers and clients.

Protect high traffic areas

One of the reasons concrete is such a popular choice for commercial and industrial flooring is its unrivalled endurability and strength. However, even the hardest of materials is subject to wear, so to help your concrete flooring stay level for as long as possible, place matts on high traffic areas, such as entrances and walkways.


For over 40 years, Nationwide Concreting Ltd has been supplying, installing and finishing quality concrete flooring to commercial and industrial businesses throughout the UK. To learn more about our services or to arrange a quotation for your project, get in touch today on 01590 676 585.

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