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Back Why does concrete flooring crack when it dries?

If you’ve just had new concrete flooring installed in your factory, warehouse or retail unit then you may have noticed a few cracks. How has this happened, is your concrete flooring compromised and can it be prevented? Our concrete flooring experts go the extra mile to minimise the risks of cracking as much as possible.

What causes concrete flooring to crack?

Unfortunately, concrete has a natural tendency to crack slightly during the curing process; this is because as the concrete dries into a solid it shrinks, which can result in tiny hairline cracks forming in the following days after installation. Whilst certain concrete mixtures can be created with ‘anti-shrinkage’ properties, it is impossible to eliminate the risk of cracks entirely.

Hairline cracks in concrete caused during the drying process are generally not considered detrimental to the strength of your concrete flooring. However, certain environmental factors could lead to an increased likelihood of cracks forming, such as when the environment is too hot and causes the water necessary for the chemical processes in the curing concrete to evaporate.

How do we ensure that cracking is kept to a minimum in your concrete flooring?

We have over 40 years of experience in the concrete flooring industry and have supplied concrete floors to a range of sectors and clients. We know how important it is to use only the best quality materials for your concrete floor, which is why we only work alongside trusted concrete suppliers who supply concrete to match your specific requirements.

Cracking caused by shrinkage is not entirely avoidable and always presents a slight risk, however, we employ the best professionals and machinery to ensure that your concrete floor remains crack free and ready to go!

We are the leading concrete flooring contractors in the UK, offering outstanding concrete finishing results with every project. For more information about our servicescontact our team today on 01590 676 585.

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