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Back Why choose concrete for factory flooring?

If you are considering new factory flooring, then you’re going to want something that can last. Concrete has cemented itself as one of the most used materials for construction in the world due to its versatility and resilience, and this isn’t any less true when it is used for flooring. For factory flooring that is sturdy, easy to maintain and has a variety of decorative options, then concrete is an excellent option.


Factory flooring needs to be able to hold up against heavy machinery and active foot traffic on a daily basis, and our concrete is more than capable of withstanding the pressure. Our concrete factory flooring is specifically mixed with strength in mind and is built for long-lasting resilience. Whilst it is possible to chip or scratch a concrete surface, it is by no means an easy feat, and a well-maintained high tolerance concrete floor can have a life-expectancy of over 100 years!


When you imagine concrete flooring, you wouldn’t be alone in picturing a drab, uninspiring grey floor. Luckily, nowadays you have far greater options for your factory flooring’s appearance than just that! Premixed powders can be added to power-floated floors in order to promote greater abrasion resistance and to create a range of different colours, or you could opt for a full polished finish to create a modern and professional look. We are concrete finishing specialists, with a range of established clients who have benefitted from our concrete flooring and finishes, so whatever your requirements, we’ll have a concrete finish to suit them.

Low Maintenance

Concrete flooring is very easy to maintain once you know what to do and what common mistakes to avoid. However, if you want to get the most out of your factory flooring, it’s important to follow our maintenance guidelines for how best to keep your concrete floor looking as good as new!

We are the leading concrete flooring contractors in the UK, offering outstanding concrete finishing results with every project. For more information about our servicescontact our team today on 01590 676 585.

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