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Back What to consider when installing concrete floors in hot weather

When laying concrete flooring in hot temperatures, special care and attention is required to ensure that the concrete reaches full strength and the correct finish.

Why is hot weather bad for pouring concrete flooring?

Concrete undergoes a process known as hydration as it cures, which is where water and cement react together in order to form crystals around the aggregates. The hotter the concrete becomes from external temperatures, the quicker this reaction takes place, which results in the crystals growing faster than normal and not having time to reach their full strength.

Weaker concrete floors are not the only concern; loss of moisture is the biggest threat to freshly poured concrete, as the rapid evaporation of surface moisture can increase the risk of plastic shrinkage and cracking. The potential difference between the hotter external and cooler internal temperature of the concrete can also result in cracking as it cures.

The supervision of trained and experienced concrete contractors  is therefore required when laying concrete flooring in hot weather, especially outdoors where the full effect of the sun is felt.

How can we minimise the effects of hot weather on freshly poured concrete?

If possible, we would not suggest laying concrete flooring in temperatures above 25 degrees. However, we understand that sometimes project deadlines do not allow for this luxury, so here are some steps concrete contractors such as ourselves can take to minimise the negative effects of hot weather:

Use a set retarder in the concrete mix

We work alongside only the best quality concrete suppliers in the UK and will ensure that any concrete mixes we use are suitable for use in hotter weather. Using a set retarder in the concrete mix is a good way of reducing the speed that the concrete cures, therefore reducing the risk of cracking.

Avoid the hottest part of the day

Between 11-3pm is when temperatures tend to be hottest. To ensure a more suitable temperature, we can install concrete floors in the evening and even overnight!

We are concrete flooring specialists with experience installing concrete floors in a broad range of conditions, including hotter temperatures. Get in touch today to discuss your project requirements on 01590 676 585.

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