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Back What are the Best Concrete Floor Finishes?

With a range of concrete floor finishes available, each with different qualities and purposes, choosing the right one for your business can be confusing. Read on for help demystifying the differences between the various concrete floor finishes and discover which one you should choose. 

An attractive concrete floor finish

Commercial properties need to ensure their customers have a pleasant and positive shopping experience so it’s important that their floor, the biggest area of the store, is both practical and attractive. The answer to this difficult brief is a concrete floor with a power float finish. Achieved using a special machine, a power float finish leaves a highly polished concrete floor that’s extremely hard-wearing and aesthetically appealing to customers. What’s more, this type of concrete floor finish is waterproof and low maintenance so it will stay looking good for years to come with only a little effort.

For areas that need extra grip

For outdoor areas that need extra grip, such as a sloped delivery ramp or work area that’s prone to getting wet, the perfect solution is a brushed concrete floor finish. Brushed concrete is made by running a specially designed brush over the concrete to leave a level, textured surface of many lines. This type of concrete floor finish is most suitable for areas with moderate foot and vehicle traffic as the grooves are shallow and prone to wear over time.

The best safety of all concrete floor finishes

For those that have a lot of heavy industrial machinery traffic, tamped is by far the best choice out of all the concrete floor finishes because it offers the highest level of safety. Created by quickly moving a tamping beam along the surface of the concrete, the highly grooved texture provides a superior anti-slip surface and also improves drainage, helping to avoid slippery patches of water. Tamped concrete is also extremely durable and can take a high volume of heavy traffic which makes it a popular choice for farmyards, loading bays and car parks.


At Nationwide Concreting Ltd, we have over 40 years in the industry and are experts in the various concrete floor finishes available. To find out more about which type of finish is right for your project, contact our expert team today on 01590 676 585.

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