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Back Top 7 reasons to choose a power float concrete floor

Power float concrete has a smooth finish that has been achieved by using a power float machine. The machine is designed to smooth and, to some extent, level a newly laid concrete floor.

Once the new floor has hardened, and all the bleed water has evaporated, a power float machine uses rotating circular pans to achieve the buffed and polished finish.

Power float concrete has a smooth finish and a range of aesthetic and practical benefits. It is suitable for use across all sectors, from industrial to residential applications.

Why choose a power float concrete floor

1. It’s incredibly durable

Power float concrete is highly durable, showing limited signs of wear and tear even after a long period of time. It can handle the weight of heavy machinery, such as forklifts, extremely effectively making it the perfect choice for industrial flooring, shops and showrooms.

2. It creates a smooth, polished surface

One of the greatest benefits of power float concrete is its aesthetic finish; power floating results in a smooth and polished surface which gives your floor an attractive shine.

3. It’s resistant to cracking

Because the action of power floating essentially recompacts the concrete floor, plastic-shrinkage and cracking, which can be caused by the concrete drying too quickly, are combatted. The smooth finish also means that the concrete floor is less susceptible to cracking in the future.

4. It’s dust free

Applying a power coat finish to concrete flooring creates a dense surface which is heavily compacted; this eliminates the dust that is often a problem with unfinished concrete floors.

5. It’s easy to maintain

Rougher concrete finishes can make maintenance harder to achieve due to the presence of small grooves and bumps which are hard to fully clean. The high-shine surface of power float concrete eliminates these problems and provides you with a concrete floor that is easy to manage and easy to clean.

The smooth surface is highly waterproof, and spillages can be mopped up with ease, keeping your concrete floor looking better for longer.

6. It’s great for high-traffic areas

Power float concrete is perfect for high traffic and industrial areas. It is unaffected by heavy vehicles and continuous footfall. Plus, even if the floor does incur a stain, it can be easily removed.

7. It has excellent thermal and chemical resistance

Power floated concrete floors have excellent thermal and chemical resistance, making them a good choice for factories and warehouses.

When is power float concrete normally used?

Thanks to its smooth, shiny finish, power float concrete is an excellent choice for a range of sectors - from warehouse and factory environments to retail and residential spaces.

Power float concrete is ideal for high traffic areas, and it can withstand any wear and tear that could be caused by machinery and vehicles. Plus, it's a great choice for areas that get dirty quickly as it's quick and easy to clean.

Power float vs. polished concrete – what's the difference?

Polished concrete and power floated concrete are two different things.

Polished concrete is finished off with a power trowel instead of a power float. It is then subjected to a several-stage polishing process. The polishing process involves using a concrete polisher machine fitted with diamond sanding discs to smooth and polish the concrete. Densifiers and sealants are also applied throughout the process.

Power floating, on the other hand, uses a single machine - a power float – to smooth the floor. Because the power float also compacts the floor, it makes the concrete denser as well. This results in better durability and a surface that is easy to maintain.

Is a power trowel the same as a power float?

Yes, a power trowel and a power float are the same thing. However, there are different styles of power trowel/float. There are walk-behind power floats, which are manually guided (like standard lawnmowers), and sit-on power floats, which are operated like a small vehicle.

Walk-behind power floats are used for small areas, whilst sit-on power floats can be used for larger spaces.

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