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Back The power of power floated concrete floors

Power floated concrete floors not only look great, they are also hardwearing and easy to clean. However, because this type of concrete flooring is so smooth it can pose problems when it comes to sealing or painting as the floor presents little traction for concrete floor paint to bond with.

The benefits of power float concrete floors

If you are still unsure whether a power float concrete floor is the right choice for your business then take a look at some of the advantages that this type of flooring has over its rivals:

• Because it has such a smooth surface, power floated concrete is less prone to cracks. In addition, it is waterproof, and shockproof

• It is perfect for high traffic and industrial areas, and is unaffected by heavy vehicles such as forklift trucks. If the floor does incur a stain this can be easily removed

• Power floated floors have excellent thermal and chemical resistance

• With regard to maintenance, cleaning, and repair no other type of concrete flooring is better. The smooth and shiny appearance will last for many years

• Puncturing is the result of a concentrated weight on a single point. With a power floated concrete surface these kinds of imperfections are less visible which means that less maintenance is required in the longer term

• Power floated concrete is a fantastic alternative to resins and floor paints. A power floated floor can be created simply by buffing a freshly set concrete floor with a power float (or power trowel) machine. This provides a smooth surface, and a brilliant shine!

A power floated concrete floor has obvious advantages; it's easy to keep clean and to maintain and is able to withstand the heaviest of traffic, which makes this type of concrete flooring is the ideal choice for shops, showrooms, and warehouses.

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