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Back Staining Concrete Floors

If you are entertaining the idea of using concrete staining for your retail or commercial floors, then we can help. No matter what design you are looking for and regardless of the budget you may have, the versatility of concrete staining will suit your project.

You can choose from custom graphics, colour hints, and even bolder accents. It makes no difference if you have installed a new concrete floor recently or you have an older floor, concrete stains will suit both of them equally well. With the ability to go into the depths of the concrete surface, this process enables you to take advantage of the benefits of permanent fade resistant colour. Unlike any other floor covering material, staining stays free of peeling or flaking.

There are two different options to choose from; acid-based chemical stains or water-based chemical stains. Which one you decide to go for is generally based on the appearance that you are trying to achieve. Since acid stains have the unique ability to chemically react with the concrete floor, they enable you to have greater variations of natural colour.

With such unique mottling effects and character, they can be made to look similar to granite or marble floors – just with enhanced features and great durability. However, there is a minor downside to any acid-based concrete stains; it often cannot develop into many colours other than general earthy tones like tan, terracotta, brown, and soft blue-green.

On a positive note, you can choose to go with the alternative water-based concrete stains. They enable you to choose from a much wider collection of shades and can also be mixed with each other to make a colour unique to you and your floor.

Whatever your decision, both these types of concrete staining methods have a huge collection of designs that you can choose from. The most popular and effective choice is using one simple colour that is capable of complementing the rest of the décor and interior of your building. This doesn’t mean the option to go for custom design using multiple colours is out of question though! The truth is that our most popular colour choices are simple browns and greys due to the fact that the final result is always much clearer and sharper.

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