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Back Durably Patching a Concrete Floor

By following these four relatively simple steps, it is possible to repair concrete for greater durability, guaranteeing your slab will last a lot longer.

It is crucial to pay attention to details like mixing the concrete properly and applying it to the edges of the hole carefully. Of course, merely dumping wet concrete into a hole in a sidewalk or driveway does not constitute careful planning!

For holes of up to a depth of an inch or deeper, you’ll need a few things. The mix of concrete you should have available on hand needs to include crushed-stone aggregate that is rough so that it bonds well with the concrete around it. For something a little shallower, a sand mix is required.

Whichever kind of hole you find yourself patching, follow these four simple steps for easy repair.

  • Level the Bottom

It is important to make sure the hole is as clean-cut as possible. Take a hammer and cold chisel to make the bottom level, making sure to slightly take out more on the sides so the patch cannot pop out. Clean the area up with a vacuum followed by water with a wire brush, and then wipe it all down.

  • Concrete Bonding Liquid

Use a brush to apply a bonding liquid for the concrete – these brushes are available at any hardware store.

  • Mix and Apply

Mix the concrete with water and put the mixture into the hole, making sure to apply pressure to the corners and edges with a trowel. Do not wait for the bonding agent to dry, as it should still be adhesive. Do this until the hole is completely filled. Leave an extra bit on top.

  • Finishing Touches

In order to level off the hole, find a board with a straight edge a foot longer than the gap and rock it over the cavity back and forth. Once the surface is firm, use a trowel – wood or magnesium will do – to smooth it over, paying particular attention to the edges of the hole. Repeat as the mixture completely cures. Here, you can either texturise it with a damp push broom over the surface, or burnish it using a steel trowel. Wait 24 hours or seven days before walking or driving over the patch, respectively.

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