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Back Concrete Stenciling Process

If you are looking for concrete stenciling, you should be aware that the process of applying your design can differ depending on the type of stenciling you are looking to use, and you generally have a choice of either paper or plastic stenciling.

Furthermore, it is also important to take into consideration as to whether the process is being applied on an overlay or to the existing concrete directly. The decoration or style that you are looking for may also impact the stenciling process. 


The following points may include the common techniques for stenciling that can be put to use if your design is being applied on the existing concrete directly:

  • Before the use of stencil (or even after it), certain colours are mixed with the chemical stains or particular dyes which are water or solvent based.
  • Troweling may be utilised to create an embossed pattern. A thin overlay or coating that may be over the stencil can also be sprayed.
  • Making use of gel acids which are unable to penetrate the surface of stencils. The technique of light sandblasting may also be used to etch the required design on the surface of the concrete.

All of the above techniques can be enhanced further to improve the performance provided. We suggest the use of adhesive backing on the stencil to prevent it from moving during application.

Making use of stencils along with the overlay is a great way to enhance the aesthetics of your floors. If you are happy to make use of such a technique, it is important to mention that there are two major techniques that can be put to use for the aforementioned purpose, namely:

  • Spray-down systems
  • Trowel-down micro topping systems

Removing The Stencil:

Provided that you have used the stencil along with a thin overlay, it is recommended that the stencil is only removed after a few hours. If you want to make check if it is safe to remove the stencil, lift it very gently from one of the corners first. Provided that the accumulated material comes right off the top of the stencil, this shows it is the right time for its removal. If not, it is best to leave it on for more time to prevent damage to the design.

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