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Back Applications of Commercial Concrete

Commercial or industrial concrete is ubiquitous: you see it in everything from the walls, outside pavement, and floors of the building in which you might be reading this.

It can be found in commercial uses in buildings for industrial practises, warehouse, restaurants, and in retail structures. It is typically more durable for weight-bearing purposes, as it’s made of a hardier mix design like post-tensioned slab construction.

Part of its durability rests in being able to handle heavy pedestrian traffic, stains and even abrasion. This is due to the concrete’s high-quality finishing and coating, and the fact that it is easy to take care of and slip-resistant is critical for businesses, as avoiding injury to staff and customers alike is necessary.

Attractive Designs

Concrete slabs in industrial uses do not have to consist of the boring, grey concrete of your grandfather’s time. They can be coloured and stylised to attract the eye, and can even be designed to reflect a company theme.

One example of this is epoxy terrazzo coating, a versatile design that still maintains the durability the material is known for. A more contemporary coating is metallic epoxy, making it look like a metal patina. Of course, for an easily maintained, scratchproof design, high-gloss polished floors are popular.

Real-World Applications

The uses of commercial and industrial concrete are varied and common. Everything from parking lots to warehouses and big-box stores favour concrete for its long lifespan, easy maintenance and load-bearing capacity.

A trend that is currently being taken advantage of is the use of tilt-up walls for its variety of design and construction; it is fast, efficient, and available in different attractive shapes, colours, and with many decorative features.

To spruce up the exteriors, precast concrete can be applied to decorate columns, wall panels, window sills – almost any element on the outside of a building you can think of!

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