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Back Concrete finishes – which is the best option for you?

As a team of concrete contractors, we offer a range of concrete finishes to suit various locations and desired styles. From industrial properties to those in the defence, agricultural or retail sector, we offer a concrete finish to suit your needs.

Take a look at our range of concrete finishes below to help ensure that you make the right choice to suit the purpose of your concrete flooring.

Dust topping
To create dust topped concrete floor, dust is applied using a topping spreader just before the power-float process begins. Available in a range of colours, this concrete flooring finish is ideal for use on industrial or retail floors and can be created to suit the theme and style of individual environments whilst providing an abrasion resistant surface.

Brush finish concrete flooring
Brush finish concrete is created when a specially designed wire concrete brush is pulled over the surface of freshly laid concrete. This ridged texture is the perfect concrete finish type of outdoor carparks or transport yards as it provides extra grip.

Tampered finish concrete flooring
Tampered finish concrete is created when a texture is applied to the surface which imprints freshly laid concrete with a tamping beam. Often, we’ll use a wooden beam which is gently tamped up and down across the concrete surface to create the ideal finish for walkway areas, particularly within agricultural locations such as farmyards.

For more information about our extensive range of concrete flooring options or to find out which concrete floor is the most suitable option for your specific property or business, contact our concrete contractors today.

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