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Back Benefits of concrete flooring for the retail sector

Choosing a new floor for your retail business can be tricky – you need to find a style that suits your brand, something that is low maintenance AND doesn’t cost the earth - impossible, right? Wrong! Concrete flooring could be just what you’re looking for and our expert concrete contractors have put together a list of concrete flooring benefits to show you why.

Low maintenance
Unlike many other flooring types, concrete flooring’s smooth finish means that any dust or dirt will simply sit on the surface ready to be swept away at the end of the day so there’s no need to worry about stains or in-ground dirt.

Range of colours available
A benefit of concrete floor is that is can be mixed to create a colour to suit your retail establishment. Whether you choose to stay natural for that industrial look or would prefer to switch it up a bit with a touch of colour, concrete flooring is the ideal style solution for your business.

Exceptionally durable
Concrete flooring has a huge advantage over all other flooring types – when it comes to durability, it simply won’t be beaten. Concrete floors are specifically designed to withstand the weight of machinery and endure high traffic as customers pour in to your shop each day, therefore they are likely to last considerably longer than any other retail flooring option.

Increased safety
When you choose concrete flooring, you have the option to choose from a number of finishes. As well as colour options, you can also choose from a selection of textures, for example brush finish concrete flooring. Brush finish concrete flooring provides a gently ridged surface that will provide grip and prevent any potential slippages by customers – safety first!

For more information about our extensive range of concrete flooring options or to find out which concrete floor is the most suitable option for your specific property or business, contact our concrete contractors today.

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