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Back 5 Reasons to choose a power float concrete floor

Power float concrete is a polished concrete finish with a range of both aesthetic and practical benefits for sectors varying from industrial to residential. The use of power float machinery results in a smooth finish that is incredibly easy to maintain; here are 5 reasons to choose power float concrete flooring.

What is power float concrete?

Power float concrete is a concrete finish achieved using a machine designed to smooth, and to some extent level, a newly laid but hardened concrete floor once all bleed water has evaporated; a power float machine uses rotating circular pans to achieve this buffed and polished finish.

What are the benefits of power float concrete?

Smooth and polished surface

One of the greatest benefits of power float concrete is its aesthetic finish; power floating results in a smooth and polished surface which gives your floor an attractive shine. 


Power float concrete bares the weight of heavy machinery such as forklifts extremely effectively, making it the perfect choice for industrial flooring. Not only does the compacted surface handle weight well, the smooth surface is highly waterproof, and spillages can be mopped up with ease, keeping your concrete floor looking better for longer.

Resistant to cracking

Because the action of power floating essentially recompacts the concrete floor, plastic-shrinkage and cracking potentially caused by the concrete drying too quickly is closed together again. The smooth finish also means that the concrete floor is less susceptible to cracking in the future.


Concrete flooring which has a power float finish creates a dense surface where the surface is heavily compacted, eliminating the dust that is often a problem with unfinished concrete floors.

Easy to maintain

Rougher concrete finishes can make maintenance harder to achieve due to the presence of small grooves and bumps which are hard to fully clean. The high-shine surface of power float concrete eliminates these problems and provides you with a concrete floor which is easy to manage and easy to clean. We can inform you on how to best keep your power float concrete floor looking as good as new!

When is powerfloat concrete usually used?

Thanks to its smooth, shiny finish, powerfloat concrete is an excellent choice for a range of sectors - from warehouses and factories to retail and residential. It's ideal for high traffic areas, and it can withstand any wear and tear that could be caused by machinery and vehicles. Plus, it's a great choice for areas that get dirty quickly, as it's quick and easy to clean. 



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