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  Nationwide Industrial Concrete Flooring Contractors & Concrete Finishing Specialists


Hurn Airport, Bournemouth


Civils Contracting Ltd


Hanger 12 – Bournemouth International Airport


4774m2/1596m3 (12pours). Concrete pump power float finish. Brush finish to External Slab. Full Supply


Co-ordinate all stages of industrial flooring project to specification & deadline


Nationwide Concreting were asked to undertake a concrete floor installation for Civils Contracting Ltd at Hurn Airport in Bournemouth. We supplied all labour (18 operatives) and plant to install concrete floor slabs measuring approximately 4774m2.

Production Process:

We started the process by spraying mould oil on the ply before the concrete pour, and by fixing a 25x300mm miothene compressible foam isolation joint to the perimeter of the building. Nationwide operatives continued by placing opened rolls of 1200 gauge membrane across the width of the pour, ensuring a minimum lap of 400mm after which they placed a layer of A393 of mesh fabric reinforcement will be serviced from inside of the building at ground floor level. Our operatives made sure that the slab is clear of any trip hazards before the pouring procedures started.

Our Concrete Pump Operator started the pouring procedures by mixing 2 bags of Portland cement with clean water to form the grout needed to prime the pump. The concrete was then vibrated using a petrol driven poker unit, while the other operatives levelled the concrete using our specially adapted concrete rakes. The levelled concrete was checked using the levelling staff giving our Nationwide operative the go to "strike off and compact" the concrete using a petrol driven vibrating concrete screed. 

Once the concrete was cured for a certain amount of time one of our operatives commenced the brush finish process by running a large concrete trowel across the bay called a big blue.  After the brushing was done an operative ran a trowel around the perimeter again before he used a arris trowel to leave the edges as desired by the client.   

The finished surface was sealed and cured immediately after the finishing process was completed, making it possible to walk on the surface without marking. This was achieved by spraying one coat of Sika Proseal at the Manufacturers specified dosage rate. 

The Concrete Technician created the correct slump for the ground floor slab and once that was established, the concrete was discharged onto the visqueen. The operatives checked the levelled concrete carrying out checks at 500mm centres using the levelling staff. The laser screed was used after this to make the appropriate adjustments. 

After the concrete was hardened sufficiently to support the weight of men and machinery, our operatives started the power floating process leaving a smooth level, finish, free from all noticeable ridges was achieved. The finished surface was sealed and cured immediately after the finishing process was completed, making it possible to walk on the surface without marking.

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