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Back Common pitfalls every concrete floor owner should avoid

No type of floor is beyond upkeep and even concrete flooring needs to be looked after. However, there are a number of things that you should look to avoid in order to keep your concrete floor in top condition; read on for our top tips on how to maintain your concrete floor easily.

Certain types of cleaning agents

Making sure that your cleaning solution is fit for use on your concrete floor is essential. Over extended periods of time, acidic or alkaline cleaning agents will damage concrete floors, as will excessive concentrations of cleaning agents, so be careful that you double check their suitability.

Aggressive brushing

Brushing your floor is a low-maintenance way to keep it in good condition but avoid using brushes with brush heads that are too course. Don’t brush too aggressively either, as this is likely to cause damage to your floor.

Ignoring minor damage

Remember that all floors need regular attention and that all spillages and debris should be cleaned and removed immediately; installing clean-up kits can help with this. Don’t ignore any kind of damage to your concrete floor - treat it as it happens to avoid it from getting worse over time.

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