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Back The pros and cons of concrete flooring

Considering installing a concrete floor? Read on for the pros and cons of the world’s most popular construction material to make sure it's right for you.

Pros of installing concrete flooring

There are many reasons why concrete is a popular choice of flooring, especially in warehouses or other spaces that need to bear a lot of weight.

1) Concrete flooring is incredibly tough

Perhaps the most well-known benefit of concrete flooring is that it provides an incredibly strong and durable surface. Thanks to its long-lasting and rigid structure, when installed correctly concrete will easily withstand heavy foot and machine traffic for decades.

2) Concrete comes in a choice of finishes

A less well known benefit of concrete flooring is that it comes in a choice of different finishes. This means that you can tailor the finish of your floor depending on your specific needs. For instance, if your concrete flooring is likely to get wet, then opt for a brush or tamped finish. Whereas if you need your floor to be more attractive rather than offer increased grip, we recommend choosing a power float finish instead.

Concrete is becoming an increasingly popular choice in commercial spaces and offices that are looking to create a stylish, industrial aesthetic. Take a look at some examples of our past work to see how attractive concrete floors can look.

3) Concrete flooring is easy to maintain

One of the main reasons our clients choose a concrete floor is because it not only offers them a long-lasting solution that can be tailored to their unique requirements, but it’s also very easy and cost-effective to maintain. To keep the floor looking its best, we recommend regular sweeping to remove any dirt and debris, paying particular attention to areas of high traffic, and removing any spillages straight away.

4) Concrete flooring increases a building’s fire safety

As concrete is a non-combustible material, which means it will not burn when exposed to fire, a flooring made from this versatile construction product increases the fire safety of the building where it’s installed. This not only helps protect the structure of the property from fire damage but also gives precious extra minutes to anyone inside trying to escape.

Cons of installing concrete flooring

Concrete may not always be the best choice for every construction project, and here are two important factors to consider.

1) Concrete can crack

As the tensile strength of concrete is relatively low, it can be prone to cracking when not installed properly. However, at Nationwide Concreting, we use our 40+ years of experience and specialist equipment to ensure your concrete floor is laid so that it will continue to provide a strong, usable surface for years.

2) Concrete flooring can be slippery

While it’s true that polished concrete can make a slippery floor, it doesn’t mean it’s a dangerous flooring material. What it really depends on is what purpose your concrete floor will serve. If your floor is exposed to customers but not susceptible to getting wet, then the benefits of an attractive shop surface will far outweigh the dangers of slips.

Speak to our experienced concrete contractors

Our team of concrete contractors and finishers are highly experienced in the installation of high-quality concrete flooring. With over 40 years of experience, you can rest assured that your concrete floor is in capable hands. Contact us today on 01590 676 585.

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