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Back Different types of concrete finishing

Nationwide Concreting offer concrete finishing to numerous business sectors including: agricultural, retail, commercial and education. Concrete finishing can be applied to suit the operational needs of any building to create a variety of different styles that can be both ergonomic and decorative. This can be achieved by three different methods – brush, tamped and power floated concrete finishing.

Brush Concrete Finishing

Brush concrete finishing is created by dragging a brush over the surface of a new concrete floor once it has been levelled to create a textured appearance. The texture of the brush concrete finishing will depend on the size and rigidity of the brush bristles used and the shape and length of the tufts.

For example, wire-bristled brushes will produce a more severe texture, whilst softer bristles will produce a lighter texture. Normal cleaning brushes usually produce poorer results, so purpose-made brushes are normally used to ensure a good brush concrete finishing.

Tamped Concrete Finishing

Tamped concrete finishing is achieved by using a tamping beam, which is used to compact the concrete before it fully cures to enhance its strength. The tamped finish is created by moving the tamping beam up and down in quick succession along the surface of the concrete floor in the same direction. This results in a rough surface of horizontal grooves which greatly improve grip.

Concrete flooring specialists will aim to make the grooves as even as possible. Spacing of between 20-30mm between grooves with a height of 5mm is standard when it comes to tamped concrete finishing.

Power Floated Concrete Finishing

Power floated concrete finishing, or power float concrete, is a type of concrete finishing achieved by using a machine known as a power float on freshly set concrete.

The power float machine is used to smooth, recompact and level the concrete floor once all bleed water has evaporated and uses rotating circular blades to buff the surface, resulting in a highly polished finish.

Are you looking for professional concrete finishers in your area? Our expert team can help you decide which concrete finishing is best for your establishment. Contact us today for more information on 01590 676 585.

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