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Back Common Mistakes Maintaining Concrete Flooring

After investing in a new concrete floor, the last thing you want to do is destroy it through avoidable mistakes. We have therefore compiled a list of some of the most common errors made when maintaining concrete flooring so that you don’t repeat them, and keep your concrete floor looking as good as new.

Using Acidic or Alkaline Cleaning Agents

How you clean your concrete floor depends largely on its type, for example, if it is decorative or practical, like in a garage. However, in both cases using the incorrect cleaning agents can cause long term damage.

This is particularly true for polished concrete floors, and it is essential to use only PH-neutral cleaning products, as alkaline and acidic substances will damage your floor’s shiny finish. It is, therefore, also important to clean any spillages of substances such as lemon juice, ammonia or vinegar as soon as possible to avoid the same result.

If your concrete is sealed, then it will break through this coating over time, resulting in you needing it resealed more frequently than normal and unnecessarily wasting money. It is therefore always safer to stick with gentler, PH-neutral cleaning agents.

Not Using Foot Mats

Placing foot mats in places of high footfall, such as doorways, entrances and foyers, will prevent wear and therefore maintenance costs. It also reduces the chance of destructive substances picked up outside making it across your concrete floor.

Using A Single Mop

This applies largely to commercial areas such as stores, where employees will often use the same mop for places such as the kitchen and front of house. Not only could the presence of grease make your concrete extremely slippery and dangerous to visitors, a single mop head could also transfer damaging substances from the kitchen onto your concrete floor. 

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