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  Nationwide Industrial Concrete Flooring Contractors & Concrete Finishing Specialists

Concrete Flooring

Concrete flooring specialists

We are a leading supplier of concrete flooring with over 40 years of experience in supplying concrete flooring across the UK. We have a proven track record of delivering expert concrete flooring solutions to a broad range of clients, covering everything from warehouses to barracks. We consider no project beyond our ability and are ready to provide concrete flooring to any business that requires our services.

Want to find out more about our concrete flooring services? View our concrete flooring FAQs or contact our team today.

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concrete flooring
concrete flooring

Why should I choose you to install my concrete flooring?

With extensive experience in supplying concrete flooring to all business sectors, you can rest assured that whatever you ask of us, we’ve already completed a similar project. Our expert team of concrete flooring specialists are highly skilled and experienced to fulfil your project to your bespoke specifications.

We also operate a 24 hour installation service, which means that we can install totally efficiently in order to minimise disruption to your business. We are used to completing installations in a fully-functioning environment, which means you can expect minimal disruption from us when we install concrete flooring for you.

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Why should I consider concrete flooring for my business?

Concrete flooring is a surprisingly versatile material, which suits a range of sectors from agricultural to residential. There is a whole list of reasons why you should consider concrete flooring for your business, but here are a few to get you started:

Concrete flooring is the most durable material available to you, which makes it excellent for heavy load bearing and high-traffic areas, such as in warehouses and garages. Concrete flooring is very damage resistant and will not crack or buckle easily under high pressure.

Low Maintenance
All flooring requires some level of maintenance to perform as good as new. However, concrete flooring in particular has very low maintenance requirements which basically come down to resealing or waxing every three to nine months and mopping with a neutral cleaning agent and a mop to keep up appearances.

Different Finishes
When you picture concrete flooring, you probably imagine something grey and gritty. We are able to use premixed powders in order to achieve different concrete flooring finishes and, in some cases, create different colours in our power-floated floors. We also offer a tampered finish and a brush finish to add some character to your concrete flooring.

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Grain stores, poultry sheds, stables and barns as well as service roads and large external yards.

concrete flooring


Barracks and exercise yards for the MoD - achieving contractors security clearance.

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High level, Multi-Level and Mezzanine floors, Crinkly Pin & Pre-Made slab placement with 75mm screed.

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Industrial & Retail

Warehouses, Chiller Units, Retail Units and for leading UK Superstores.

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Contact our concrete flooring experts

We are the leading concrete flooring contractors in the UK, offering outstanding concrete flooring and finishing results with every project. For more information about our services, contact our team today on 01590 676 585.

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